Jaylen Brown Gets Five Stitches after Cutting Hand on Glass

Jaylen Brown Gets Five Stitches after Cutting Hand on Glass

The Boston Celtics superstar Jaylen Brown on Friday needed five stitches in his right hand after suffering a cut away from Celtics facilities. He no longer plays  before the playoffs.

“I was watering my plants and then I hit a nearby glass vase. It’s not good to leave broken glass all over the floor, so I bent down to pick it up. When I was collecting, I ended up hurting myself,” Brown said.

However, it is believed that Brown won’t be a long-term issue. He confirmed that, first and then to, the issue will not allowed him from playing in his first playoff game.

But, there is a week off for the team between Sunday’s match and the start of the knockout stage. The tendency is that, at most, the holder stays away from one or two training sessions.

The winger said that he was upset by his “failure” despite the quiet around the recovery.

“I can still do most of the training. Doing everything I’m used to, more than that.” Brown said.

“I’m just going to try to use as little force as possible with my hand, as it will facilitate the recovery process. Nothing much more than that.” he added.

Cutting off the hand is certainly not what the Celtics envisioned in Brown’s playoff run. But it is a situation that goes beyond the four lines.

But, accidents just happen in real life. And, usually, the most important athletes from the teams that star in these strange cases. This is often more of a curiosity than something that changes the story.

“Michael Jordan once had an accident with his cigar cutter. So these things happen. His training rhythm changes a little, but in a week, they already remove the stitches and he’ll be like new.” former point guard Eddie House said.

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