Trixie Betting Strategy for Singapore Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports in a number of countries: USA, Australia, Britain, UAE, Malaysia, and Singapore.

The competitions are held at different distances and on a wide of surfaces (grass, sand, etc.). Before betting on the races, you need to understand.

At first glance, everything is simple in the races: we choose a horse, bet on it, and if it came first, we win. In fact, betting on horse racing, like any other sport, has its own nuances.

The most popular horse racing betting strategy is called Trixie. Let’s make a reservation right away that it does not guarantee a 100% win.

In equestrian sports, as in any other discipline, sensations occur, where favourites are inferior to outsiders. In the first races of the day, you must select three favourites at different racetracks with odds of at least 2.00. Then the selected horses must be combined into Trixie. However, you need to make one triple express bet and three doubles.

For example:


horse 1 + horse 2

horse 2 + horse 3

horse 1 + horse 3

1 + horse 2 + horse 3

The bet amount for each is S$100 (in total, S$400). The odds for any of the favourites are 2.00. If two of the three horses win, you win back your bet, and if all three horses get into the top three, then the winnings will be S$2,000 for double express betting of S$400 each and a tee, S$800.

It is worth noting that horse racing betting is more common on sweepstakes at the racetrack. However, betting can also be made in online sportsbook sites.

The difference from the sweepstakes is that the sportbook sites offer odds for each horse, and in the sweepstakes, the total amount of bets is divided among the winners. It is possible to make a horse racing betting on the sweepstakes and sportsbok sites in Singapore, both at the racetrack and on the Internet.

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