Online Lottery Malaysia – Bet on 4D Toto and Jackpot

Online Lottery Malaysia

4D is a very popular game because of its simplicity and the chance of winning a lot of money with relatively small bets. If you like guessing numbers in a lottery format, you will certainly enjoy 4D game.

There are two kinds of 4D game you can bet in Malaysia:

4D Toto

Have you had any feeling towards car or phone numbers? This could be the chance for you to get rich. You can try your luck in Malaysia Toto 4D game by betting on your favourite 4-digit numbers.

You can bet on Big, Small or both. And stand a chance to win first second the special or consolation prize. With every RM1 bet on Big, you could win the first, second, third, special or consolation prize. The payout for the first prize is RM2,500. And every RM1 bet on Small you may win the first, second or third prize. The payout for the first prize is RM3,500. So if you bet the RM1 one ring at each on total 4D Big and Small you’ll win RM6,000 in total. If you strike the first prize the more you bet the more winning chances you may have.

4D Jackpot

If you wish to happily walk away with millions of RM, you may try to play the total 4D jackpot game with just RM2. It could change your life!

You can bet on two sets of your favourite 4D numbers. You could win at least RM2,000,000 when you’re two sets of 4D numbers match any two of the top three prizes. It means you hit the jackpot!

The upfront amount of jackpot amount of jackpot one is RM2,000,000 and it will snowball and be brought forward to the next draw if there’s no winner in that particular draw. In addition the jackpot amount will keep snowballing until there’s a lucky winner who hits the jackpot and becomes a multi-millionaire.

There is no question that 4D lottery is an exciting game to play!

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