Online Craps – Tips to Increase Your Chances of Winning

Online craps is really very fun and entertaining game in online casinos. Even though online casinos don’t have vocal support, it still attracts a lot of players across the world. Despite the fact that online craps is game of luck, there are still some tips and tricks to help you improve chances of winnings.

Learn more on the game of online craps

It is pretty obvious that you still have to understand all tips and tricks which come with it to succeed even though the game of online craps is very easy to understand. There are certain books you can choose to learn about the game or you can watch video tutorials on YouTube. No matter which method you go for, be sure to know what the bets are.

It is always best to pass the line bet

You can achieve the best possible position by making pass line bet on the come out roll. The house edge stands at only 1.41% in this stage of the game. With the shooter either rolls 7 or 11, you can win this bet.  On the other side, you could lose if shooter rolls 2, 3 or 12. Any other number rolled out achieves a point to give a payout to you.

Use odds bet

Once the shooter sets a point, you can place additional odds bet. This bet works in the online craps game since it has no house edge.

Place two come bets after a pass line bet

Another ideal strategy is placing two come bets after the pass line bet. It will give you three numbers which will work to your side. Once you achieve winning bet, you can place another so it would help you play three bets always.

Avoid proposition bets

Proposition bet is definitely one of the worst strategies in online craps. Usually, this bet is settled after a single dice role. So, they can be appealing to some players. But it is often be dangerous as the house edge is significantly high for this bet.

Place come bets

After establishing a certain point, you can go with placing come bets. After placing come bet, come out roll would be the next roll. You can win the bet if shooter rolls out 7 or 11.

Avoid hard bets

Avoid Hard 10 or Hard 4 because they are considered poorest bets as house edge stands at 11% or something in between. These bets pay out at 7:1 if you win and chances of getting 2 and 5 are low in pairs.

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