Malaysia Casino: Play and Win Dragon Fortune Fishing Game for Real Money

Fish shooting game has long been no longer a strange game for many people playing fish shooting game to change rewards in Malaysia. Many online casinos keep stirring the fish shooting game over and over again with a boring interface.

Dragon Fortune fish shooting game belongs to the group of shooting fish games, ie the player uses a loaded gun, the level of bullets is selected according to the bet level, the player will use bullets to destroy different dragons.

Depending on the size, shape and function, different types of dragons will bring players different bonuses.

Playing Dragon Fortune is not difficult or complicated, similar to how to play traditional fish shooting games, players also aim to shoot and destroy with a base of betting. When the creature flies off the screen and the player has not destroyed it, the betting will be lose.

This game also allows players to freely move their cannons to be able to destroy dragons faster and more accurately than leaving the gun fixed as before.

In particular, when the player destroys the Treasure Dragon, he will earn the accumulated points of the Glass Treasure.

In order to suit each player’s ability, Dragon Fortune game offers players different game halls with different minimum and maximum value on different betting. This helps players not to accidentally bet too high or too low when playing the game.

Different from the usual shooting fish or animal shooting games that we often see with the horizontal screen interface, the interface of the Dragon Fortune fish shooting game is vertical like the classic aircraft shooting games.

Because the characteristic of the dragon is to fly, the arrangement of the gun layout like this is considered reasonable and makes it easy for players to manipulate when playing.

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