Live Roulette and Traditional Roulette in Comparison

Live roulette in the online casino or the normal variant are not particularly different in comparison. Apart from a few special variants, the rules on the Internet and in a stationary casino are the same.

If you have already had experience at real tables, you will feel at home when you switch to an online casino.

When visiting a real casino you are bound by the opening times and you have to pay attention to the journey. If you want to play live roulette online, you can do so anywhere and anytime – provided you have an internet connection. A quick lap after work in sweatpants is therefore no problem.

However, due to the dealer and the real table, a nice casino atmosphere is created – even if it does not come close to the charm of an actual casino. With the further development of virtual reality, this difference will be even smaller in the future.

But you are not exposed to the hustle and bustle of a stationary casino. There are no players who confuse you and you can concentrate on the game of roulette. At the same time, communication with the dealer does not neglect the interpersonal level.

But if you don’t want to miss other, real players, there is also the option of following streams from a land-based casino thanks to the variants of the live roulette games such as dual-play roulette. The line between the virtual and the real casino is becoming more and more blurred.

In addition, online casino sites usually offer more tables and variants . This gives you access to more variety. You also have a larger selection of wagers, which gives you a pleasant feel to play.

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