How to Calculate House Edge in Online Craps?

Online craps has grabbed a great reputation in offering best odds out of other casino games. Unless you apply a basic strategy successfully at the online blackjack game or you do card counting, you cannot beat the Don’t Pass or Pass lines with odds for bet at online casino.

About House Edge

You need to learn about the house edge to understand the game of not just craps but other casino games out there. It is basically one of the most important things you need to do before starting to play in online casino. The fact is that income of online casino is generated with the house edge, which is also called as the house advantage. Online casinos simply make money from building house edge and it enables them to beat the players.

To make a profit for the casinos, all of the casino games use a law of average in which they have a house edge made of a percentage which enables them to beat the player for the long time. You need to know which games you need to play which have lowest house edge. It is one of the important factors to help secure the win.

Calculating the House Edge

Before we get to start calculating the house advantage, you first have to know the probability of outcome for your benefit. When it comes to play the game of online crap, there are 11 outcomes in total which are equal to totals from 2 to 12. You can achieve these outcomes in 36 different ways. The possibility of a specific outcome of a roll can be calculated well. So, it is easy for players to know what numbers may come up. Once you know how to calculate probabilities, you should consider payouts. Generally, payment for a bet is 7:1 in this game. Later on, you have to estimate the house edge.

In a series of 9 bets, the odd of winning is meager 1:9. It means you have chance to win only 1 and lose the rest of 8 bets, by placing the 9 wagers. Next time you get to play, you should keep your bets in 5% or lower area to ensure that you have the best odd to beat the game of craps. You should trust on this strategy this time as it can save lots of money for you and you could win more.


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