E-sport a New Gaming Phenomenon

E-sport a New Gaming Phenomenon

For many years, the craze for casino games has continued to increase around the world, as has poker and sports betting.

It is e-sport, a name designating the electronic sport which is played on multiplayer electronic video games via a game console or a computer. There are already a good number of tournaments and even championships where the best players in this ground compete.

It was in 1997 that the first tournaments took place with the game “Quake” which was a huge success. Among the various competitions that have emerged since that time, we can note the World Cyber ​​Games and the World e-Sports Games, as well as the CPL or Cyberathlete Professional League, the MLG or Major League Gaming and many others.

Dozens or even hundreds of games take part in these events, including of course the very famous Starcraft II already named above, Call of Duty, Global Offensive, Super Street Fighter IV, Quake III Arena and others whose popularity has not stopped increasing especially since the 2010s. For electronic sports games, there are various inherent criteria but the two most important are extreme dexterity and perfect team coordination.

It must be admitted that it is a little odd to see the players at work in competitions, headphones to their ears and their fingers which move at such a speed on the keyboard that one cannot even see them clearly.

But it is certain that e-sport is conquering the Internet and we see it more and more present especially during the biggest game tournaments like Dota 2 or League of Legends which block almost all the streaming sites. Because it is obviously via streaming sites that sponsors reap their profits.

Whether in America, Korea, England or other Asian and even European countries we hear more and more about this new phenomenon, in fact not so new as that.

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