Baccarat Rules: How Do You Play Baccarat

Baccarat Rules: How Do You Play Baccarat

Let’s get one straight first: Baccarat is a game that’s more or less based solely on luck. Which means you, as such, can not use some bulletproof strategies to win every time.

However, the game generally has a very high payback, which is very close to the 100% at most online casinos. So you have good chances of winning, even if you do not have much influence on the course of the battle.

But let’s take a look at the baccarat rules and mechanics behind the game itself. You have a bank and a player. And you have to bet an amount on who wins. Or you can bet that the round ends in a draw. At least that’s the most basic thing you should understand.

The banker or player wins a round by getting the card value 9. Or at least be the one that comes closest to this value.

Most cards apply to their face value. So if you get two cards with the values 2 and 6, your final value will be 8. However, other cards count differently: Ace counts with 1, and all face cards (Kings, Queens and Jacks) count with 10.

Each party in the game gets in the beginning two cards each. Then it depends on the values of the cards already allocated whether extra cards are dealt.

If player has 5 or less, he or she gets an extra card. Player can, however, choose to stand. If this is the case, the bank must draw a new card itself.

If you have 8 or 9, you must also stand, no matter if you are a banker or a player. However, the actual result will always be between 0 and 9.

Does the bank or player have a result above 9, the final result will be the last digit. So if you got the result 15, your final value will be 5.

If you want to make sure you bet on the right team, statistics have actually been made on the chances of winning. The results are as follows: Banker (45.84%), Player (44.61%) and Tie (10%).

Therefore, a general tip is to bet your money on the bank, as they have a few percent greater chance of winning, and to completely stop betting that the game will end in a draw.

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