Playtech 3D Roulette

The 3D Roulette takes this classic casino game to a new level. The game is inspired by European Roulette, and all bets are made in the same way. What sets the game apart from the rest of the category are the incredible graphics offered.

The game is completely presented in 3D and animated, making it as realistic as possible. In this version of the game, the betting layout is in the center of the screen, and the 3D Roulette wheel remains visible at all times. Players can configure the wheel to make it visually appealing.

The 3D Roulette Playtech is played in the same way that other versions of Roulette. The main difference with this game is the fact that the table layout is displayed in 3D and allows players to change the appearance of the table.

There is also a breakdown function, added to show the values ​​won after each match. Improved graphics and high quality sounds make this game very realistic.

Players will have access to winnings at all times, and Playtech has added a new function to this version of 3D Roulette. Whenever a player wins while playing, a window will appear on the screen stating how much was won.

The breakdown function will not be available in case multiple table bets have been placed. Additional functions include re-bet, show game history and past number plate. Unlike other versions of roulette games, 3D Roulette does not display the percentage of bets that cover the layout.

The 3D Roulette is inspired by the European Roulette, so players must use the same betting strategies. Examining the odds helps players make sensible bets, which is beneficial for beginning players.

Using the “repeat” option helps players make their previous bets faster. Many roulette players often place the same bets, so this function should be used when this is the case. Betting at a lower limit table will make the credits last longer, but will produce wins that pay less.

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