Online Slots vs Roulette

Online Slots vs Roulette

When it comes to casino games, online slots and roulette in particular are considered to be the most popular.

Slot machines are responsible for bringing the most revenue to any online casino, but players also enjoy spending their money on roulette.

There are players who prefer slot machines and those who like roulette more, but there are also players who like both games.

So, should you play online slots or online roulette? There is no definitive answer as to which of these two games is actually better.

However, we take the liberty of comparing all of its aspects, which can give you the answer you are looking for.

Online slot games largely win the game with regard to the variety of games on offer. You can play all kinds of different slots, this difference is expressed in the number of reels, the bonus games available, the jackpot value and even the themes.

Speaking of themes, each slot machine has its own. You can find games inspired by certain movies, video games, cartoons, mythology etc.

Slot machines usually have five or more reels, but classic versions of this game only have three.  The bonus games for each slot machine are also quite varied. In some you can win free spins, while other games allow you to enjoy other forms of bonus rounds.

However, what interests most players when playing slots is the jackpot. Some games offer fixed jackpots that are won by getting the best possible combination, but there are also progressive jackpot slots that have unlimited jackpot amounts.

Roulette is a relatively simple game and hasn’t changed much since its invention. The three most popular variations of roulette are American, French and European roulette.

The rules are pretty much the same for all three variations, except that the American version has an extra box (double zero), while French roulette includes some extra rules (prison and division).

Online casino sites have offered a few other variations of roulette in recent years, the most popular being double ball roulette which uses two balls and mini roulette which has a smaller wheel with fewer numbers.

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