Online Craps – Tips for Advanced Level Players to Win

If you have had success in mid level when playing craps online, it might be the best time to try more advanced tricks to boost gameplay. You just have to be reminded of something you have done in the past or come across something which worked before to enjoy your favorite game from a different point of view. No need to say, online craps is full of fun and is very amazing game but a lot of players may fall into a run with the way they are going to do their bets or to play their moves. Here are some of the advanced tips to play online craps to break out the old habits enjoy the game in long run.

Set a specific loss limit

This is the tip you could follow in every casino game you play. If you know you have $250 that you could loss but you can start with half of that amount. If you play with half of the amount, you have $125 at least to play with your original bankroll.

While keeping half of the amount of money which you can afford to lose, will help you keep track on your bankroll and betting. You would know when to quit. In this case, the worst case scenario would be to retain the winnings of over $125.

Place wagers only in case of reasonable house advantage

It is another good tip for rookies. If you want to place bets, go for the ones which have reasonable or low house edge. You should place safe bets, such as the Come Line Bets, Pass Line Bet, and Place Bets on 6 or 8.

Come Bets in Online Craps

A lot of players don’t go out of comfort zone. It means they skip the Don’t Pass or Pass Bets. This is the reason you should understand Come bets. To place this bet, you should first wait until come out roll to set the point value. The best part of Come bet is the fact that only the look of a 7 or the point will affect pass line bets. Wager on the come box just after the come out roll.

With a ‘Come’ bet, you can win with either 7 or 11 only. You will lose if you come out with a 2, 3 or 12. At the same time, all other numbers will turn into a point value. At the end, Come bets give a lot of opportunities for you to win and generate more amount of money.

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