Online Baccarat – Tips on How to Reduce the House Edge

Even though there is no strategy of online baccarat which can help lower the house edge, there are still some measures to help turn the game for you. Online baccarat is a game which doesn’t need a lot of strategy as you cannot predict the result of the game. But it doesn’t mean you cannot raise odds of winning by lowering house edge.

How to reduce house edge in baccarat?

Online baccarat is a game which has house edge that is fairly low as compared to other table games. So, it is an ideal choice for players who want to win. This game allows huge odds of winning at just 1% with very little which could go wrong as there is small room for mistakes. In case of online baccarat, players have to place bet on probability of either dealer or player with highest value of cards around number 9. Betting on dealer is definitely the most effective strategy of baccarat as it has higher payout. However, there is nothing foolproof. Follow these tips to help you out –

Betting on a tie – It is usually believed that players betting on tie can have better payout. Even though there is still the chance of winning high amount, the odds of hitting the bet are low. So, you are more likely to lose a few times before you hit gold. Winnings will still not be able to cover for losses so it is risky to bet on a tie.

Keeping track on betting patterns – Even though some people at traditional casinos track patterns on the game and base their bets on the basis of these patterns, you should keep in mind that online baccarat is a game of chance which uses shuffled cards. So, you cannot track the patterns. In terms of online casinos, cards are generated randomly so there is little sense in tracking patterns.

Use few decks to play baccarat – There are different games out there to play at online casinos which use several numbers of decks. It means each type of card is available for specific times. There are many players who believe fewer decks lead to bigger odds to players. The more decks are added to equation, the bigger the odds of tie and raising house edge.

What about the probabilities?

You should consider these important facts in terms of online baccarat and probabilities for outcome –

  • Bets on banker have 1.17% house edge
  • Bets on player come with 1.36% house edge
  • Bets on tie have house edge of 14%

By considering the information given above, it doesn’t take a lot of legwork on which is the best bet possible. The banker bet is definitely most profitable even though it has 5% commission attached with it.

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