Live Baccarat for Beginners

Discover the atmosphere and the sensations of traditional gaming rooms, it is possible thanks to baccarat at a live casino.

The principle? You face real dealers, who animate the game and who communicate with you via webcam.

The good news is that online baccarat is incredibly easy to play. Although it is often thought to be reserved for regulars at online and traditional casinos, baccarat is suitable for all players, beginners as well as experienced.

The object of the game? Predict who, player or the dealer, will get the hand that comes closest to 9 from two or three cards. This is where the originality of this game lies: it is quite possible to have a losing hand and win a game.

The most difficult thing in baccarat is to count the points. But once you understand the system, it’s simple! Face cards and tens are worth zero, while other cards keep their face value.

When the sum of several cards is made, only the unit of the result is kept; for example, if you have a 5 and 7, you get 2 points, not 12.

If you are afraid of mixing your brushes, don’t panic: at live dealer baccarat online casinos, software counts the points for you.

In order to play live dealer baccarat online and win, it must be understood that in this game you do not have to defend your hand.

Bet on player hand is the most interesting because, if you are right, you double your bet. However, by playing on the dealer’s hand, you also double your bankroll, but you have to pay a small percentage back to the bank.

Betting on the tie is the most profitable: you can thus multiply your initial bet by 9. It is however the riskiest strategy, because you have only one chance in 10 for a tie to happen.

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