Learning Horse Racing Betting Prediction

Betting on horse racing, you can hesitate between two riding methods. You can either bring together all your knowledge about particular horses and the jockeys who ride them, as well as all the useful factors: previous performances, capacities of the jockeys, characteristics of the track, odds, etc.

And you can also bet with your eyes closed, basing your choice on an arbitrary reason. In addition to relaying all the news of horse racing, the site of CITIbet integrates very rich and very interesting databases for punters.

By reading the following tips, we are sure you can boost your winning at horse racing betting:


In this section, you can find the detailed results of all the professionals (owners, trainers, jockeys and breeders), but also of all the horses, not to mention the performances of the stallions and dams.

Horses and Trainers

You enter the name of a horse and you find, in a few clicks, all the information relating to it: performances, genealogy, production and future commitments (very useful to know when a horse will run again). Two owner-trainer cross-rankings also allow us to find out which owners trust a trainer.


In this section, you can find, well before any other specialised Internet sites, the point on all the races to come (commitments, forfeits, starters, jockeys, rope numbers, weights, blinders).

These above three sections, linked to each other, allow you to quickly find all the useful information to make a prediction on a horse racing or follow the progress of a horse.

There is no doubt CITIbet is considered as one of the best horse racing sites in Malaysia and Singapore. It has a wide range of horse racing betting markets.

Become a member at CITIbet will make you happy and the site always commited to offer free bonuses for its customers.

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