How to Win at Sic Bo Game?

Sic Bo is one of popular casino games in Asia. Whether online or in a casino, Sic Bo is played almost the same way. The only difference is the way the dice are rolled.

Since Sic Bo is an outright game of chance, it is impossible to predict the outcome of the 3 dice and the game does not necessarily require training.

However, it is as always to optimise your chances of winning as much as possible by avoiding less advantageous bets for the player.

Thus, we will recommend that you first choose the best version of Sic Bo online, prefer the version that offers the best pay, especially if you want to try your luck on the Sum bets because the version of Sic Bo played in Macao pays a maximum of 50 times your stake for this type of bet versus 60 times in Atlantic City.

Learn how to manage your betsand remain reasonable, this advice is not really a strategy for Sic Bo but it concerns all casino games.

By knowing your limit and making bets consistent with your bankroll, you’ll be less likely to come away empty-handed.

Evaluate the house edge for each bet and favor the Big, Small or at a pinch Simple betting because even if the odds are much less dreamy than those of the treble, these bets are much more advantageous for the player in terms of probability.

It will therefore be necessary to avoid the triplets which although they are tempting in view of the reward, are not so advantageous as the other bets, you will have very little chance of this event occurring.

Sic Bo for free or real money is having a good time and remembering that you are there to have fun with online casinos.

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