How Do Online Casinos Work and Who Creates the Games?

How Do Online Casinos Work and Who Creates the Games?

A lot of people have no idea how online casinos work. As you can imagine, there are several gears that make this engine work.

One of the great strengths of online casinos is to allow players to have fun without having to leave their homes. All you need is a computer or even a smartphone to access these platforms.

Online casinos are usually games used by more experienced players. The idea is to simulate a physical casino as best as possible.

For those who enjoy gambling, most casinos also work with dozens of sports so you can place yours. Dedicated platforms offer a wide range of markets – including live betting.

One of the most accessed games in any online casino around the world is, without a doubt, the slot. In it you need to get several matching symbols to win.

There are thousands of machines scattered throughout the online casinos with different challenges, with their frenetic lights, sounds and wonderful graphics.

Who creates the games?

Slot machines require modern software that is produced by large companies. Without them, there could be no casinos.

Software providers are responsible for the development of games and serve all existing platforms. Each of them produces different games following their own style.

There are several renowned providers that put fantastic games on the market and, among them, we can say:


It is one of the oldest and most popular creators of casino software. In common agreement with DC Comics. Microgaming has developed several games based on characters from the comic books.

Currently, the company also operates in the independent software business with StormCraft Studios. It is a company that is always innovating and one of the main providers of online casinos around the world.

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