Basic Online Roulette Strategy

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Roulette is a popular casino game and played by people all over the world. Due to its specific characteristics, roulette is one of the most interesting and exciting casino games that you can play in any online casinos.

Given the popularity of the roulette casino game, many roulette myths and roulette superstitions have emerged among gamblers. Break-even or winning strategies have always been heard with a wave of interest, but so far no one has yet demonstrated that they have such a system.

Nevertheless, there are a number of tips that we want to share you to maximize winnings and limit losses when playing online roulette.

Tip #1: Create Your own Roulette System

First of all, try to find a suitable roulette system for yourself: it must be consistent, easy and clear. Then try to practice and gain experience in playing online roulette. Do not immediately play with a profit motive, but rather to get the hang of a game method that suits you. For example, if you are a player who does not want to take too much risk, play with small bets and often bet on red / black, even / odd, 1-18, 18-36 etc.

Tip #2: Choose Right Version

Play a roulette wheel with one “0”, if you play the wheels with double “00” it might not seem like a big difference but over time it’s a big advantage for the casino with one zero on the wheel the house has a 2.7% advantage over you.

Tip #3: Manage Your Bankroll

Perhaps, roulette is considered one of simplest casino games ever created. It is also a game where you can start with extremely low bets if you are not confident in your knowledge and experience. Playing with small bets usually reduce the risk of losing too much.

Tip #4: Don’t Just Bet on Numbers

With roulette it is nice to place ‘combined bets’. Suppose you have a number of favorite numbers, such as 8, 10, 11, or 13. These are all black numbers. It is then even more fun to bet $10 or $20 on black or rather on red to not win or lose everything.

Tip #5:

If you win 4 to 5 times your starting stake, take your profits. That means if you start with $ 100, for example, and you win and you end up with $ 400 or $ 500 on the table, it’s time to quit the game and take your benefit.

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