AG Casino: What is Live Casino?

Live casino is a service that online casinos have developed with the aim of creating a more immersive experience for players through a high definition broadcast of a specific casino game.

This transmission is made with high technology and a scenario very well characterised as a traditional physical casino, in addition a real dealer controls the game and interacts with players in an organic way, making the experience complete.

Live casino also makes it possible for the player to observe certain types of reactions from the dealer and his opponents that in online casino games would not be possible.

Another advantage is that the dealer can show players that the cards are shuffled organically, as some players do not trust random number generation software for this.

Live Casino Types

Contrary to what most players imagine, there are two types of live casino or online live casino, but they are types that are linked to the online casino platform itself, they are:

Streaming from Physical Casinos

In this type, online casinos invest in a physical space with everything that a traditional land-based casino has, always taking into account the laws of the place.

This space is officially registered for this type of activity and there all the transmissions of the most diverse live casino games offered by the online casino platform are made.

It is the type of online casino that demands greater investment and attention from the platforms, in addition to maintaining the space, high-tech equipment and the professionals who work making the transmissions.

Provider Streaming

Some online casinos prefer not to make all the investment in creating their own physical space, so they outsource their live casino or live casino to game providers.

Game providers offer live casino services for specific games, in which case the online casino can choose several providers that stream different games to make available in their online catalogue.

Asian Gaming (AG) is one of the best online casino to play live casino games for real money. Making an account at this casino so easy.

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